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Clear Vision auto Glass is your South Jersey Side View Mirror Replacement authority. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over a quarter of a million blind spot accidents occur on our roads each year. A broken mirror may cause you to take your eyes off the road to check a blind spot and risk an accident. And while a cracked side mirror is not technically illegal in passenger cars, it can still result in being pulled over by the police and having a portion of your day lost. For many types of commercial vehicles, three mirrors must be intact at all times.

Yes, it’s unsightly too, a broken side view mirror can make the most expensive car look like it came from a junkyard.

Call on Clear Vision today to fix your side view mirror…we’ll take care of the job at an affordable price and restore your peace of mind while driving.


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Fixing a Broken Side View Mirror

In most cases, we can simply remove the broken side view mirror and replace it with a new one. However, some cases require specific types of repairs:

  • Wire and cable connections may be damaged in cars with automatic window adjustment. This type of repair requires specialized tools.
  • Certain types of cars have mirrors that are integrated into the door, and in some cases we take apart the door itself and put it back in place following the repair.
  • If damage is done by scraping the vehicle, it may require some touch up painting on the car. (This type of repair isn’t especially costly.)

Installing a rear view mirror is on the cheaper, less complex spectrum. Rear view mirrors can be attached with torque screws, adhesives, and/or metal pivots.

Clear Vision also offers additional luxury items such as thermometers, compasses, backseat reflection devices, security connections and self-dimming mirrors Contact us to learn more about improvements we can make to your car’s safety.